Inside Cinema's founder Josh Weinstein is passionate about the use of video as a transformative tool for individuals and organizations. He works both as media artist exploring issues of identity and perception as well as inside a range of organizations driving change, innovation and self-reflection by helping people see through a new lens.  Josh uses documentary video to demystify illusive business concepts and facilitate honest, authentic conversation. Inside Cinema was created after incubating the approach as an employee at American Express.

     His work with Ivy Ross (Top 25 Most Innovative Execs) has been profiled in Business Week*. He has recently taught a session of “Creativity and Innovation” in the MBA Program at The University of Richmond and in the summer of 2007 he co-presented an innovative approach to diversity underway at W.L. Gore & Associates as part of the longest running management conference in the US, The Leadership Forum at Silver Bay.

*From Business Week, June 2006 article:

     "After taking the Old Navy job in 2004, Ivy Ross had a problem: how to get the 120 transplants from New York and other places to click instantly with the 600 Old Navy staffers who had worked together in San Francisco. Instead of the usual town hall or dinner, she hired a documentary filmmaker [Josh Weinstein/Inside Cinema]. Then she told staffers they each had three minutes to tape something so personal that normally it would take years of working closely with other people to reveal. The result was a Facebook-style CD that was a hit with the twenty- and early-thirtysomethings who already live in a socially-networked world.

     Employees devoured the CD with the passion of high school seniors studying their yearbooks. One designer decorated her workspace in floor-to-ceiling denim, looked straight into the camera and said: "I want to rock the world of denim with you guys." Then she spoke about her lifelong dream: to build a spacesuit for NASA made entirely of jeans.

     Passersby were giddy with the frisson of each other's Warholian fame. The instant, digital introductions infused the new group with a close tightness, essential for innovation. "You first have to set the field up for innovation," Ross says.”

"Cross Examination
(2005) by Josh Weinstein takes the man on the street interview into the realm of a sociological experiment in which the artist spontaneously asks strangers on the streets of New York about himself based on their immediate perceptions of him. The humorous and candid responses belie the complexity of the experiment."

-Elise Barclay for Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

"Cross Examination" has screened internationally at film festivals, galleries and museums, including the LA Hammer Museum as part of the Freewaves New Media Art Biennial, Dallas Video Festival, DCTV 24 Hour Festival, Video_DUMBO, Red Saw Gallery, Armory Center for the Arts, Communities For Communities (Australia), Castlefield Gallery (UK)
Festival Der Nationen (Austria). It won the "Best Editing" award at the Nice Shorts Film Festival (Australia) in 2006.