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     Inside Cinema uses video to deepen conversations about important organizational issues. Watching peers discussing leadership, diversity, change, or culture opens up the possibility of a new organization. Observing ourselves and others creates greater self and collective knowledge of our power and our weaknesses. This process enables behavioral change. And changing ourselves is the foundation to building an agile organization.

Client: W.L. Gore & Associates
Project: Diversity Awareness
Purpose: Provide new associates and campus recruits a window into the diversity work underway at Gore today.

Client: W.L. Gore & Associates
Project: Diversity Awareness
Purpose: Deepen conversation by using clips of real associates in real situations modeling positive behaviors.

Client: The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
Project: Race & Health Policy Meeting
Purpose: Provide a dynamic launch to a meeting by focusing on employees' real experiences around race. The video will drive group discussion about personal experience on race and health policy and what action can be taken.