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     Companies invest heavily in leadership development programs for a select few high potential employees.  Inside Cinema's documentary approach captures moments that all employees can learn from and extends your leadership development investment by "feeding forward" exposure to senior executives, leadership experts and experiences.

Client: American Express
Project: Leader's Edge
Purpose: Document the key messages and stories of personal transformation in an executive leadership development program so that other's around the organization can benefit from the learning.

"Knowing that true behavior change takes a minimum of 9-12 months, we wanted to document the key moments of leadership growth. Inside Cinema knew exactly what to capture and how to capture it without having the camera disrupt the dialogue or rhythm of natural conversations. Their ability to edit key moments of vulnerablity, learning, relationship building and ultimately transformation, lead to an amazing documentary that both the participants and others interested in the program are still learning from. I have since used Inside Cinema on numerous other projects and highly recommend them for anyone considering the use of video/documentary as a leadership learning tool."
- Courtney Harrison, creator of "Leader's Edge" at American Express