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     The key to success in today’s distributed work environments is an understanding of the entire organization. Yet few have tools for new employees to really see the whole picture. Inside Cinema’s documentaries take a personal perspective that brings the entire organization into focus.

Client: Asurion (mobile phone insurance and repair)
Purpose: Give new customer service representatives a concrete picture of how their work interfaces with the whole organization and how the promises they make to customers are fulfilled on the back end.

Client: Old Navy
Project: New Employee Orientation
[Employee Created Video]
Purpose: As part of a facilitated day exploring culture and change at Old Navy current employees created a new employee orientation film to helped accelerate onboarding 100 new employees. The following excerpt explores "Langauge" at Old Navy.

Client: Old Navy
Project: Culture Capsule
[Employee Created Video]
Purpose: Provide cultural continuity to the design team as they move from New York to California and aquire more than 100 new employees.